Due to the heavy road traffic congestion, Sri Lanka wastes fuel worth of about Rs. 11 billion annually. In addition to this, the annual economic loss caused by the loss of man-power and time amounts to a staggering Rs. 23 billion. One can understand the severity of this economic damage caused by the inefficiencies in our transport system, when the above figures are compared with the fact that it only takes Rs. 9 to 10 billion to provide the Samurdhi Aid to half of the families in Sri Lanka*. It is very clear that indisciplined road use contributes to a significant portion of this financial loss.
Attached herewith is a brief introduction to the concept. A lot more details of the same can be found on the website
As responsible citizens, it is the duty of all of us to help maintain an efficient transportation system in the country and thereby help save the enormous amount of national wealth that goes wasted. I hereby request you to read this concept mindfully and start adopting it in your daily road use. Also, please distribute this message among your friends and family.